Our staff members at EXTREME SPORTS USA are ex military, highly trained, safe and friendly Instructors, with more than two decades of experience in both sports, Skydiving and Scuba Diving.

Thousands of jumps through the career and thousands of hours spending underwater, without incidents!


Mihailo Matić – Owner/Chief Instructor

Mihailo has been in the sport of skydiving since 1994.
He was a member of special forces – paratrooper.

He is USPA Coach, AFF Instructor/Evaluator, UPT Sigma Tandem Examiner, Strong and Eclispe Tandem Instructor and Videographer.
Also he is an IBA Tunnel Flight Instructor, and Scuba Diving Instructor.
Mihailo was a member of the largest US Professional Skydiving Team.

USPA Membership # 228032
Total jumps: 5200+
AFF jumps: 1200+
Demo: 100+
Tandem: 2300+
Outside video: 1100+
Tunnel Time: 330 hours

Pro Rating
USPA Coach
AFF Instructor / Evaluator
Sigma, Strong, Eclipse Tandem Instructor
IBA Tunnel Flight Instructor


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